“The language of the body is the music of the universe. If I am able to resource me and let the energy that wants to come through come through, it’s intelligent and it knows what to do“ ~ Tara Judelle



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How do we thrive in every layer of the fabric of our consciousness?


In this episode, Amisha spends time with yogi, teacher, and founder of the School of Embodied Flow, Tara Judelle.

Tara shares her journey from being a ‘brain dominant human’ to her current work teaching and practising Embodied Flow yoga. She talks us through the multi-layered process of discovering and connecting with the bodymind on the deepest levels – finding balance, synergy and sensitivity within our system.

Tara speaks about her evolution of understanding from studying tantric texts and yoga asanas for 30 years, to finally coming into an embodied experience of what she has learned. She explains how we can achieve a balance between integrity and permeability, structure and flow, intake and output, moment by moment.

Together Amisha and Tara discuss the nature of self, the relationship between effort and surrender, and the art of yielding through airports. Finally, Tara leads us through a meditation for embodiment, where you will get to enjoy the experience of your brain melting like lava…

“Discovering the balance of steadiness and effort is the whole game, how do i have an equanimity between the intake and the output? How do I soften into my life so I can keep doing this thing and then next thing and the next thing without burning out? I think all of that has to do with resting into the big ocean of self – which is words, practises, teachings – until it is just your experience, and from that place i think it all becomes more easeful.” ~Tara Judelle


Tara Judelle is a world-renowned yoga facilitator moved by bringing humans into their innate sense of freedom and purpose. After 30 years of experimenting with all forms of movement, Tara co-created the School of Embodied Flow™ in 2014 to bring her current passions into a modern movement of Yoga. From a background in literature, film writing, directing, and dance, Tara brings students on a journey of discovery of their numinous self through laughter, meditation, embodiment, movement & inquiry.

Tara has relentlessly pursued the deeper meanings of yoga. With asana as a gateway, she stepped into philosophy (specifically the non-dual northern-based philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism) as taught to her by her teachers Sally Kempton, Carlos Pomeda, and Paul Muller Ortega. As well as the Sri Vidya southern-based goddess tradition with Douglas Brooks.

The pursuit is always harnessed by her desire to bring the tantric technology to life through the body, not just in meditation but in movement, action,and group mind.

In 2008, desiring to take her understanding of the body infinitely deeper than asana, Tara found the world of Body Mind Centering®, and has since studied with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Amy Matthews and Myra Avedon. Her teaching and practice were based in Los Angeles, until 2010 when she moved to Bali exclusively for 2 years, and from 2012 Tara has traveled the world offering trainings, workshops, immersions and retreats.


To find out more about Tara visit tarajudelle.com

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk

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