“People with privilege need to absolutely realise that there is a responsibility and also sometimes sacrifice. Sometimes to help your brother you have to make sacrifices for yourself, instead of building more silos and trying to protect what we have built for ourselves.” ~ Swaady Martin



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How can we step with a clear heart into the responsibility that comes with privilege?


In this episode, Amisha sits down with serial entrepreneur, author and teacher Swaady Martin. A former award-winning executive at General Electric, Swaady has gone one to found a series of socially conscious enterprises, as well as teaching mindfulness and yoga and writing spiritual tales for children.

From a very young age, Swaady had a strong sense of being the creator of her own life. Her parents – both very different and from different blended cultural backgrounds- instilled in her a sense of responsibility that came along with the privilege she was born into. Swaady’s work in the world is directed by this sense of responsibility towards her human brothers and sisters, as well as a deep wellspring of compassion that she has cultivated as a guiding principle in her life.

Swaady shares with us the inner process of deconditioning that we must go through in order to reconnect with our authentic selves, the earth, and each other. By deeply questioning every one of our beliefs and values, we can clear space for the quiet voice of intuition to become louder, and to step into sacred leadership led by our intuition and our hearts.

Together Amisha and Swaady examine the meaning of some of the core concepts that underpin our day-to-day choices and perceptions: asking what is poverty? Abundance? Leadership? Responsibility? Swaady speaks of the importance of bringing diverse minds and perspectives together to learn and connect through her Tounché gatherings. Finally, they speak about the responsibility of healing work and the fine line between empowerment and manipulation, which means healers must tread carefully through an increasingly commercial space.

“I’m not committed to anything except my spiritual growth, basically. I’m not even committed to my own ideas because the world may show me differently, and most of the time the world does.” ~Swaady Martin



Swaady MARTIN is one of Africa’s most recognized young leader, influencer and tastemaker. She is a serial entrepreneur, published author, certified Yoga & Mindfulness teacher and former corporate executive at GE, where for 10 years she had various roles in Audit & Controllership, Finance, Sales & Marketing and Business Strategy across the world.

In 2012, she followed her entrepreneurial aspirations and created one of Africa’s most admired brands, YSWARA, a socially-conscious gourmet tea company contributing to the reversal of the African commodity trap and promoting Africa’s rich culture. YSWARA has received numerous awards and recognitions for its excellence and was the first African food brand to be retailed at the prestigious Selfridges and Harrods.

A Consciousness activist, Swaady launched SHIFT WITHIN in 2017, a platform offering online & offline personal development courses and events to promote and support the global inner revolution, including Tounché Global Consciousness Summit a day-long soul-retreat held on sacred locations around the world.

Swaady has been passionate about African Leadership since she was a teenager and participated in the set-up of several organizations including the African Leadership Network (ALN) and Africa 2.0. She is a sought-after inspirational speaker, African fashion icon (Named GLAMOUR magazine Most GLAMOURous 2016) and a published author of spiritual tales for children.


To find out more about Swaady visit swaady.com

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk

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