“It’s not until we learn to hold our vulnerability and to be willing to ask for help and be humbled by not knowing all the answers that we find that genuine self-acceptance… It’s not until we take ownership of our own lives and our own stories that we then collectively will be able to retell the global story.” ~ Sam Branson



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How can inner and outer exploration support authentic self-actualisation?

In this episode Amisha sits down with adventurer, social entrepreneur, filmmaker, and activist Sam Branson.

Sam lives his life as an expression of his true self and passions, providing him with the inspiration and drive to develop projects to transform the education system and offer life-enhancing adventure opportunities for young people. Sam speaks about what drives his charitable work, and the love of story that began with bunking off school to see films and culminated in founding his own film production company making enlightening films about what really matters.

Sam was born into a well-known family and experienced material wealth from a young age. More recently however, he has been on a deep journey to discover the priceless inner riches of unconditional self-acceptance. His natural curiosity, love for exploring and profound questioning of his place in the world have led him on a series of adventures from the Arctic to Bali, and Sam shares some of the life-changing moments that have shaped the person he has become along the way and his experiences of making an impact.

Together Amisha and Sam discuss the challenges for young men seeking to find their identity in a changing world, life as a sensitive creative learning about boundaries and burnout, the influence of the media and meditation on our attitude to the world around us, and why we sometimes need to break down to break through to our truest passions.

“If the world found a system in which we could all find our genuine passion and inspiration in our working life, how much more value would be added to the global community in terms of happiness and productivity.” ~ Sam Branson

Sam Branson has always searched for a deeper meaning to life. Over the last decade, this insatiable curiosity set him on the path to becoming an adventurer, social entrepreneur, filmmaker, activist and motivational figure who has furthered his world view in order to ask new questions and start new conversations.

An avid explorer, Sam’s adventures include a gruelling, life-changing 1,200 mile, three-month dog sledding expedition in the Arctic to raise awareness of climate change. He broke a world record completing the world’s largest fund-raising event, the London Marathon, attached to 33 friends, has cycled over 5000km across Europe, has climbed many of the world’s peaks and kite-surfed from France to England in record breaking time – all whilst raising over £6million for charity.

Sam founded production company Sundog Pictures in 2012. It has since gone on to make BAFTA nominated films, tell human stories and create moving documentaries on subjects such as dealing with dementia, gay rights, gun crime in America, drug policy and the science around HIV. He has s also co-founded Big Change – a charity that reimagines education so that every young person can thrive in life, not just exams. Big Change is in part funded by another of Sam’s projects, Strive Challenge – a mass participation event that has seen hundreds of people travel more than 6000km to raise millions for game changing youth-focussed charities.

As well as being a loving husband and dedicated father, Sam is also a trained yoga and meditation teacher who is keen to make the most of his every waking second. His sense of adventure and optimism is infectious. As is his desire to make sure that we, and everyone around us, feel inspired to live the very best life possible.

To find out more about Sam follow his instagram @bransonsam

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk

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