“For me it seems to be the solution to elevate the ground like I am elevating my spirituality. We are growing together.” ~ Raphaël Colicci



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How can we create abundance in harmony with nature?

In this episode, Amisha meets holistic therapist, biodynamic farmer, and agricultural researcher Raphaël Colicci.

Raphaël has enjoyed a deep bond to Mother Earth and wild nature since being raised on donkey milk as an infant, and he knew at the tender age of 14 that he wanted to pursue a twin trail of work as a physical therapist and biodynamic cultivator.

Raphaël shares the story of how he took on a plot of stony ground in the south of France and with patience, persistence, experiment, and great care went beyond what was considered possible to cultivate a magnificent conservatory of rare and ancient fruit trees. He has devoted his life to researching and growing these fruit trees for their healing and nutritional properties as well as their marvellous flavour.

Raphaël has founded a centre for natural therapies, including treatments with every part of the olive plant and also apitherapy from bees. He shares with us what he has learned from a lifetime of cultivation and experiment with the healing properties of nature, and invites us into the rhythm of his daily life. The result is a hypnotic and fascinating immersion in a rare and precious way of being.

“This type of manual agriculture for me is the only one we have to do because we get a product that is alive, not only with minerals and antioxidants but we can put love in it – and this has no price.” ~ Raphaël Colicci


Raphaël has been passionate since the age of fifteen about alternative medicine and biodynamic agriculture. Since then he has always wanted to treat people with his hands and live on a farm. After his physiotherapy studies he specialized in thermalism. On a visit to London in 1975 he heard about Ludshott Manor hospital for natural medicine, a new centre for holistic healing, and he applied for a job as a physiotherapist. To assist with the healing of degenerative diseases proved to be a pivotal moment in his therapeutic life.

In 1981 he created equitherapy for disabled children for the Red Cross in France. In 1988 he founded a thalassotherapy centre. Since then he has begun to create “La ferme qui soigne ” near Montpellier. On a sterile soil he has made an oasis of abundance by saving hundreds of old vegetables seeds and 1480 old varieties of fruit trees, full of vitality. Amongst a plantation of 1500 olives trees, he created a centre for Oleatherapy, where people can learn and experience a good connection to Mother Earth.


To find out more about Raphaël‘s work visit oleatherm.com

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk

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