“We are all sovereign of our own worlds, and when we create our world it’s part of the whole world, so for me it’s very important that we all create the best, most beautiful reality that we can, that we are as joyful and happy as we can be, that we are creating as much beauty as possible.” – Atulya Bingham



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What does it take to create a life you love close to nature?

In this episode Amisha connects with author, mud home builder and Earth whisperer Atulya Bingham.

Atulya speaks to us from her offgrid home in the mountains of Northern Spain, and shares the story of how – through circumstance rather than desire – she was initially flung upon her resourcefulness and first took up residence in a tent on a hillside in Turkey. She tells of her initial terror, and then deep abiding love of the wild land and all its inhabitants culminating in formative relationships and conversations with trees and a fierce kick from a forest fire to move on to the next adventure.

Together, Amisha and Atulya speak about the sensitivity and discernment that arises when we reconnect with wild nature, how living outside of the mainstream system brings joy and also challenge, and the process of decay that is making way for the seeds of new ways of being to come forth and bear fruit. They discuss the relational alchemy and diverse sources of wisdom that we find in connection with the natural world, how to listen to trees, and the critical importance of finding joy in every moment of life.

“I often think how many things we don’t know that we love, because we have never been pushed into a situation where we have to do it.” – Atulya Bingham

Atulya K Bingham is an author, mud builder and earth whispering off-gridder, who lived in Turkey for 20 years, alone in her mud hut with the snakes and scorpions (and her dog) until 2016, when a sequence of dramatic events caused her to leave Turkey.

Atulya builds off-grid worlds out of clay and lime, while listening to the very dirt she stands on for guidance. And when she’s not covered in mud, she’s sitting with the trees and rocks, and penning their magical utterances. She speaks five languages (six if you include Gaian), and loves using words to unlock doors of potential in the human psyche.

Today Atulya runs the extensive Mud Home website, a hive of open-source information and inspiration for people dreaming of muddy, off-grid worlds. She also pens the Earth Whispering blog which charts her inner and outer journey as she constructs a new off-grid world alone in Spain. Her numerous books reflect her love of the planet, freedom and empowerment.

To find out more about Atulya‘s work visit themudhome.com

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk

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