“You were made for these times. Everything we have been exploring on this show over the years has been leading to a paradigm shift. This is it. Pay attention. Use this time wisely. Let this be a moment of deep personal and collective breakthrough as we birth a new world with awareness and respect of both our sovereignty and our interconnectedness.” Amisha Ghadiali 

Unknowingly we timed our season break with a global pandemic. In the three weeks since we have been off air – the world has changed in unprecedented ways. We have been preparing for this over the years with each conversation on this show.

We know that you are swimming in great resources about Corona itself – a word that means crown. This speaks of stepping into our own sovereignty and into higher states of consciousness.

We know there is a lot of fear. And this is a time to dig deep into our resilience, love and courage. It’s important that whilst following the guidance to keep our fellow humans safe, that we also keep ourselves uplifted in joy, beauty and generosity.

We need to look after our own immune systems, each one of us – and manage what the physical distancing and government recommendations means for our own lives, relationships, financial situations. This isn’t an easy process for anyone. One where it’s important to process our feelings and be with the discomfort. And as always an opportunity lies here to rise and bring out our best.

The outcome of what happens here is dependent on all of us. The future is not yet written…

We have made a gift for you at this time, which is two weeks access to Presence Collective, our sister project which is an online community for creative, connected and courageous living. We have been building this since last year which offers video workshops, tree whispers, practices and resources – as well as a global community with an online chat group and virtual calls. This is something that you can dive into for two weeks whilst in social isolation or you can stay with and have this as a community that nurtures you from wherever you are for months to come. We know you are being invited into many digital calls, something special about this one is that we have been nurturing this for some time, and it’s like the fire is on and the kettle is already boiled and we are ready to welcome you. We also have in there a page where we are collating useful information around corona virus and we are having calls especially to hold space for what is present at this time on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

The workshops that you will receive include: learning to meditate (and love it!), rituals for wellbeing, living with the cycles of life, transforming eco-anxiety into eco-grief and then into the love and activism we need for the earth, breath as lifeforce, and sacred activism. We explore a new theme each month – and this is designed to be a resource for you wherever you are in the world to live with more presence, empowerment and love – and find more resilience and courage in these changing times.

You can access Presence Collective and this two week gift, here. (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on get started)

We have also opened up a years free access for anyone working in the medical services or supermarkets and delivery services who are on the front lines and keeping everything going. Please do share with anyone who this applies to.

Now, we asked our patrons and community to share the most useful episodes from our 88 that would be useful to listen to at this time. Honestly – they all are, as each episode offers a deep perspective on the paradigm shift on an inner and outer level.

Whilst you have some time, and are wanting some uplifting company, listen through some of our episodes.

We have picked out a few to get you started (in no particular order):

There are more! We actually want to list every episode….All of them offer something in this place where every part of our lives and our world comes together. Keep listening and tell us if we missed any that have particularly moved you from this list.

Another resource is this Rituals for a Beautiful Morning meditation that I made which goes through a series of different stages which includes collective visioning for humanity and connecting to all human hearts. I feel this will be very supportive to you during this time. You can find this here or download it here.

If you are finding that trauma patterns and limiting beliefs are coming up for you at this time and would like to clear them and awaken dormant qualities within, you can also book a private session with Amisha, here.

Please do share this podcast and presence collective at this time – so more people can be benefit from this wisdom and we can co-create a more beautiful future for humanity and the earth.