“We can build a more beautiful world. It is available to us. It’s begging us to step into its service. And when we do, when we bow into the service of this future, all kinds of synchronicities, and, and miracles can happen.” – Charles Eisenstein



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Can we build a more beautiful world that centers our interdependence?

“We can build a more beautiful world. It is available to us. It’s begging us to step into its service. And when we do, when we bow into the service of this future, all kinds of synchronicities, and, and miracles can happen.”

In this episode Amisha speaks with Charles Eisenstein, social philosopher, author and public speaker.

He has authored books such as ‘Sacred Economics’, ‘The More Beautiful Future Our Hearts Know Is Possible’ and ‘Climate’. His writings bring alive topics of human civilisation, economics, ecology and spirituality.

Charles’ believes that our global challenges are rooted in a destructive “story of separation”, and he presents us with an alternative story of inter-being. Charles’ thinking draws on ideas of interdependence, anti-consumerism, Eastern philosophy and spiritual teachings of indigenous peoples. An advocate of the gift economy, he makes his work widely available for free.

Amisha and Charles examine the impacts of Covid19 on systems crushing under narratives no longer serving our processes. They explore the rise of collective grief in this current season and its embodiment of the ‘death of the old world’. Together they guide us to the possibilities it presents for deep-seated cultural transformation. Their conversation embraces the potential of sharing economies that could awaken us into a paradise of interdependence as a future way of life where we will live fully connected and in servitude of each other’s beauty and all of the beauty that surrounds us.

“This is a return to our interconnections that we’ve been craving for a long time and compensating for by consumption, with power, with all of the substitutes for the interconnections and the intimacy and the relationships that makes somebody fully human.” – Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is a social philosopher, public speaker and author who examines the unspoken narratives that direct our society and our lives. His work covers a wide range of topics, including the history of human civilization, consciousness, economics, spirituality, interdependence, ecology, and how myth and story influence culture. He is the author of The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible, Sacred Economics, and The Ascent of Humanity.

Charles was Amisha’s first guest on The Future is Beautiful, where they spoke of Awakening, Courage and Climate Change.  His most recent essay The Coronation and The Conspiracy Myth provides us with insights into the current season of global transformation.  

To find out more about Charles‘ work visit charleseisenstein.org

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk

This podcast episode was a special episode part of a live stream event made possible by Great Feast of London and Saiki Wellness in July 2020. We are thankful to both for hosting us and for sharing our conversation on ‘Local Living, Sharing Economies and The Pandemic’ so wide and so far. 

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