“We can activate the codes of the new world in ourselves right now, and become a walking invitation for the emergence of that reality.” Clare Dubois



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How do we create a world in which everything is sacred?


“We can activate the codes of the new world in ourselves right now, and become a walking invitation for the emergence of that reality.”

In this episode, Amisha talks to Clare Dubois, an environmentalist, social entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker. She is the founder and CEO of TreeSisters,org, a global women’s movement leading social change and tropical reforestation. Clare’s holistic approach aims to activate collective cultural transformation and feminine leadership principles to restore our reciprocity with nature.

In this uplifting conversation, Amisha and Clare explore how we can activate paradigm shifts away from dominant, extractive, and patriarchal culture into a thriving reality guided by leadership with feminine principles and in reciprocity with nature. Clare shares that in order to flourish this kind of leadership we need to open up to our infinite possibilities and capacities as humans by falling from our minds into our hearts.

Clare talks about her awakening into mobilising women and environmental activism catalysed by a car crash into a tree that gifted her a unique vision of the future. She speaks of the challenges of being an activist for restoring feminine principles and nature in systems that devalue and destroy these. Her organization Treesisters.org is a powerful antidote; a sisterhood with a call to action to restore our forests and feminine principles. It supports women to restore their relationship with life as an intelligence and history entwined with nature by listening to their deeper truths, redefining and embodying their sovereignty.

We learn that we cannot create a new world with an economy that requires the death of nature and the subjugation of people. For a new world to emerge, old systems need to collapse. We need to slow down, listen to our bodies, and honour ourselves as miracles in a sacred relationship with life. We need to relearn what it means to be human by linking arms with sacred intelligence. That way we will plant beautiful forests for a reciprocal future.

“If you’re going to bring a different level of leadership through, then it needs to come from a different level of intelligence, which is available to each one of us. Because we are rock and river and sky and rain and grass; we are the whole thing. There is nothing about any of us that is not made of the planet that we are walking in and the natural world that we are part of. We are therefore infinitely capable of bringing through a different quality of intelligence. We just need to open to it. Opening to it is always the first step.” ~Clare Dubois



Clare Dubois is the founder and CEO of TreeSisters.org, a global women’s movement spanning multiple countries that has collectively funded the planting of over 15 million trees. TreeSisters is a social change movement and a tropical reforestation organisation working towards normalising cultural reciprocity with nature. The aim of both Clare and TreeSisters is to make it as normal to give back to nature as it currently is to take nature for granted while supporting humanity in its transition from a consumer species to a restorer species.

Before founding TreeSisters, Clare worked internationally for over two decades, coaching business leaders and facilitating group behaviour change processes in multiple sectors. Known for her direct, catalytic energy, her inspirational speaking, and her holistic approach to collective transformation, Clare is a walking invitation to anyone ready to step up and step in on behalf of the planet.


To connect or work with Clare, visit treesisters.org/give

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk

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