“Let’s discover together all that we are, all that we are becoming, and all that is possible.” Amisha Ghadiali

E144 – All That We Are

A Sanctuary For Emergence

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How do we flourish potential and change within our community?

“Let’s discover together all that we are, all that we are becoming, and all that is possible.” Amisha Ghadiali

We are emerging from a nourishing hiatus with a new name and new offerings, and are welcoming you back with a special episode; a collective message from our team.

Since we started this period of reflection evolving our vision for what the ‘The Future Is Beautiful’ might become, our team of femme has organically grown to hold all that we hope to unfold. From Britain to South Africa to Turtle Island, in this episode we will introduce ourselves sharing some of our deeper yearnings for the future.

We speak of our origins, how and why we connected with this podcast and with Amisha, our inspiring podcast host. We share which previous episodes inspired and touched us profoundly, for some of us igniting a call to activism, for some laying bare new and raw perspectives, and for some of us new journeys of embodying more of nature’s call. We share words and impressions that still resound today recalling episodes where we heard from Claire Dubois, Alnoor Ladha, Nasreen Sheikh and Tiokasin Ghosthorse; episodes which sparked our imaginations and stirred the deeper layers of our hearts in new ways.

We reveal our personal ‘medicines’ that kept us sane and our joy alive during these challenging pandemic times; for some of us filled with grief, visioning, re-orienting and new born life. We share our visions and yearnings for the future of your wildest dreams, revealing a beautiful chorus of our individual dreams and moments where their paths intertwine.

We reflect on ‘all that we are’, our new name and the offerings we have brought alive during these past months. Our new name celebrates us human beings, worthy as we are – and invites us to evolve into what is possible; the untapped potential that lives inside us. It invites the full power of the more than human world, plants, animals, our ancestors, our future generations.

‘all that we are’ exists to offer a space of sanctuary, where we share podcasts, a place where you can come and be in kind company; a place where you can learn, unlearn and connect to your own wisdom, where we celebrate, explore and deepen our perspective on all that we are, and on all that we are becoming.

“We can activate the codes of the new world in ourselves right now, and become a walking invitation for the emergence of that reality.” Clare Dubois

artwork: Rob Woodcox

Amisha Ghadiali is the host and founder of The Future Is Beautiful. She is interested in where our inner and outer worlds dance. She works one to one with her Presence Leadership Mentoring programme which supports the transforming of unconscious patterning, opening up new qualities within and anchoring daily practice and rituals which support a lifestyle that recognises the sacred, the importance of intuition and creates deeper connection and embodiment of what this time calls forth in us. Her own training has included hours of yoga teacher training, meditation teacher training, energy medicine, priestess initiation and deep time learning with mystics, teachers, swamis and nature. This deep commitment to understanding truth combined with over 15 years of experience working in Politics, Design, Tech and Sustainable Fashion gives Amisha a strong base of Community Weaving, Sacred Activism and Innovation. She had key roles in visionary projects and social enterprises including: Ethical Fashion Forum, Impact Hub, Provenance, Fashion Revolution and Compass. She created the collaborative book, The Future Is Beautiful – A Collection from Think Act Vote. Upon leaving university, she set up her own ethical jewellery label, with the tagline “elegance rebellion” which received several awards and accolades. Amisha brings this creative vision with social justice and the healing arts to everything she does. Amisha’s words have appeared in publications including The Huffington Post, Rebelle Society & Ecouterre and she has spoken at events and festivals around the world such as TEDx Oxbridge, Bali Spirit Festival, Sunday Papers Live and UnBox. Amisha’s latest book “Intuition” published by DK Books is available now.

Mary Chan (Canada/Hong Kong/China) . Sound Editor

Mary Chan is a Podcast Strategist, Voice Coach, and Voice-Over Artist who believes in empowering women to reclaim their voice. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada to immigrant parents, Mary was told to stay quiet. Today, Mary gives women self-confidence with their voice because she felt that she didn’t have one growing up. After working in radio for 20 years, she struck out on her own and founded Organized Sound Productions, a podcast production and consulting company.

Azadeh M (Iran/Turtle Island) . Curator

Azadeh M is an Iranian-born activist, seeker and systems thinker passionate about healing and transforming the systems that drive injustice and separation. With a background in global public health, Azadeh spent the last 15 years advancing health justice through philanthropy, campaigns, and non-profit development, alongside movements around the world. After spending years challenging oppressive systems from the outside, she has been on a journey to decolonize and liberate her spirit and reconnect with this beautiful earth. As a trained psycho-spiritual guide, Azadeh is committed to supporting others to embody r-evolutionary leadership in service to collective healing, liberation and more beautiful futures. Azadeh is excited to be working on curation of workshops and other content for ‘all that we are’.

Hely Cameron (UK) . Curator

Hely weaves her love of our beautiful earth, heart expansion and embodied exploration into everything she does, sharing nature inspired practices; bringing people together in community and curating the Mind Body Soul area for Noisily Festival. With a background in sustainability, she is excited to be co-creating and exploring soft, rooted ways of being that receive, celebrate and empower all hearts in this collective remembering of all that we are. Hely helps curate our courses, workshops and events within all that we are and is excited to grow, share and feel into the beautiful pulse and flow of our incredible living network.

Annegret Affolderbach . South Africa/UK/Germany . Writer

East German born Annegret Affolderbach is a cultural futurist, artist and experiential designer. With wide-reaching vision for planet and people, her work awakens us to the unexpected rooted in cultures, lifestyles and nature. In responses to landscapes and cultural elements found within, she weaves together writing, matter, sound and movement into sensory experiences and creative strategies. Her works are reminders of our kinship with the living world. Annegret was part of pioneering the sustainable fashion movement creating sustainable fashion brand Choolips. She is currently Co-Creator of ‘For Water For Life – The Water podcast’ and Co-Curator of the BIG DO Design Hackathon for Textiles&Fashion 2030 Sweden. Annegret writes the words and curates the images that adorn the podcast pages and its social platforms.

Charli Livingstone (UK) . Course Co-ordinator

Charli is a yoga teacher with a background in anthropology and human rights activism. She has lived for several years in Latin America, mostly Brazil, where her heart lies and where she carried out doctoral research on activism against racialized police violence in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. She has currently moved away from academia to explore ways of making change outside formal institutions. As a yoga teacher she is trained by Sianna Sherman and Greta Hill, with Rasa Yoga. Charli also practices and teaches capoeira Angola, and honours her teachers by studying regularly with them in Bahia. Charli is new to the ‘all that we are’ team and is assisting with course and event coordination.

Maria Dorthea Skov (UK) . Events Coordinator & Curator

Maria got her start as an event and project curator in Copenhagen’s “cultural underground scene”, building community and co-creating with her peers. She was involved in activism and campaigning with Denmark’s Alternative party and is now one of the co-initiators of The Alternative Global – a socio-political platform hosting Planet A. Maria has a degree in Leisure Management (with a specialisation in events) and loves to think and write about the potential of a future with more leisure. Maria is also a Buddhist practitioner of the Tibetan Mahayana tradition. Her practice and study of Buddhist philosophy gives her a deeper sense of understanding and meaning to the work she does and conviction in our human potential to create beautiful futures together. ‘all that we are’, Maria will be helping to coordinate and curate both live and online events.

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk



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