“There is an external wisdom and an internal wisdom that is trying to press the ignorance out of the way, trying to squash the separation into a dynamic experience of wholeness, within which we are in communion with all things.” Clare Dubois

E161 – From Me to We

A Spirituality Of Wholeness

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How can we expand our spirituality and activism to serve the challenges of our time?


“There is an external wisdom and an internal wisdom that is trying to press the ignorance out of the way, trying to squash the separation into a dynamic experience of wholeness, within which we are in communion with all things.” ~Clare Dubois  

For this very special episode, you are being given a peek into our recent learning journey where we explored some of the most important questions of this time with a treasured guest faculty. ‘From Me To We’ is a gathering of conversations and somatic experiences around the most urgent themes we live amongst. It is an invitation to journey into the heart, to feel into new ways of learning and unlearning; to tend to the seeds of wisdom that live within us all; honouring the dance of our inner and outer worlds, the expansion and contraction of our incredible living ecosystem and how we may hold and serve in these complex times. Through speaker sessions, embodiment experiences and community space, we delve deep into how we may embrace polarity and the complexities of now, how we may dismantle new age spirituality, understand our privilege, and give rise to engaged activism. Essentially how we may embody a spirituality of wholeness, that is more expansive, inclusive, and honours our connection to the earth as we move from Me to We.

Each individual amplifies the energy of this collective journey, as we swirl, spiral & grow together with the collective intention of breaking down the divisive structures we live within. And so we wanted to share with you some of the wisdom from this course, as well as invite you to join us. You will hear in this episode 26 voices including speakers, facilitators and participants. The sparks of conversation shared reveal the complexities of the collective challenges we are facing during these times. They open new viewpoints and emphasise possibilities of how we may open our wings into all that we are.

It’s impossible to capture the whole essence of this course in just one podcast episode, as the full experience takes you on a deep journey through body, soul and mind with the six speaker sessions, six embodiment sessions and the community to explore with. You are now invited to journey through this in your own time and at your own pace with unlimited access to the recordings. This is offered on a sliding scale, and this week with membership of all that we are offered as a gift.

You can find the full information about ‘From Me to We’ & how to access the whole journey HERE.

“If the majority of the world was not trying to keep body and soul together, we’d have a creative spiritual Renaissance on this planet.” ~Alnoor Ladha



‘From Me To We’ is a learning journey curated by Amisha Ghadiali, Azadeh Momenghalifbaf and Hely Cameron. The guest faculty is made up of 19 incredible people, all of whom have been on our podcast before. This includes embodiment sessions with Ava Riby-Williams, and speaker sessions that bring together three different voices to discuss a theme. The six weeks go through some of the most poignant questions of our time with the themes of Dismantling New Age Spirituality, The Expanded We, We Are All Entangled, Collective Dharma, Engaged Activism and Embodying All That We Are. You hear a small window into this experience through this podcast episode. To read more about the course and bios of all the speakers, visit our course page. If you click on the faculty’s photographs you will be taken to the most recent episode that they joined us on the podcast. The speakers are: Adah Parris, Alnoor Ladha, Charles Eisenstein, Clare Dubois, Erin Dixon, Rev Jen Bailey, Jeremey Lent, Jyoti, Mac Macartney, Nasreen Sheikh, Brother Phap Linh, Nina Simons, Richard Rudd, Sally Kempton, Samantha Roddick, Swaady Martin, Tiokasin Ghosthorse and Uma Dinmore-Tuli. 


To access and experience our learning journey and to learn about our guest faculty and curators ‘From Me To We’, visit From Me To We

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk

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