“Love is available to be seen in the smallest gestures.” Ilana Wetzler

E182 – We Are Love

Noisily Festival Live

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About this interview:

How do we love wholeheartedly?


“Love is available to be seen in the smallest gestures.” Ilana Wetzler
In this special live episode Amisha is in conversation with three beautiful wise souls – Hely Cameron, Bruce Parry and Ilana Wetzler at Noisily festival. Together they explore the festival’s theme ‘We Are Love’ by sharing their wealth of personal experiences of grounding into different aspects of love. They bring alive vibrant ideas around how we can love ourselves and each other wholeheartedly.
We explore:
:: rituals of love & connection as ecological salvation
:: the power of dance & singing with nature as embodied experiences of love
:: compassion for ourselves, each other including those whom might hold entirely different world views to our own :
: examples of daily practices of how to befriend ourselves & how protect our vulnerability whilst openly sharing our love
“Love and empathy are very co-joined. That’s what’s required for our ecological salvation, to feel and be in our bodies.” ~Bruce Parry


Hely Cameron weaves her love of our beautiful Earth, heart expansion & embodied exploration into everything she does, sharing nature inspired practices; bringing people together in community & curating the Mind Body Soul area for Noisily Festival. With a background in sustainability, she co-creates & explores soft, rooted ways of being that receive, celebrate & empower all hearts in this collective remembering of all that we are.

Ilana Wetzler works as a transformational guide and facilitator. Over the past 16 years, she has led multiple global initiatives in heart-centred entrepreneurship and systemic change whilst hosting over a thousand experiences in transformational leadership and inner work. Ilana has become a companion for pioneers creating spaces for them to remember their true nature and giving them the support to cultivate the inherent capacities needed to lead profound transformation from the inside out; individually, collectively and systemically. Whether through coaching, facilitating or hosting, Ilana’s work involves playing with and encouraging the transformational presence that is seeded within and between all of us.

Bruce Parry is an award-winning documentarian, indigenous rights advocate, author, explorer, trek leader and former Royal Marines commando officer. He employs an ethnographic style and a form of participant observation for his documentaries. His documentary series for the BBC entitled Tribe, Amazon, and Arctic have shown Bruce exploring extreme environments, living with remote indigenous peoples and highlighting many of the important issues being faced on the environmental frontline. He created the film Tawai: A Voice from the Forest.


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To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk

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