“So much of our language is energy .” ChaNan Bonser

E183 – ChaNan Bonser on Sensitivity, Deep Listening and Imagination

Our Bodies As Ecologies

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About this interview:

How do we embrace our bodies as sensuous landscapes flourishing with the seasons?
“So much of our language is energy .” ChaNan Bonser
In this episode Amisha talks with ChaNan Bonser, a healer, teacher and creative, who’s practice is catering to the highly sensitive amongst us. Her work is rooted in the cycles of the seasons and in ecological imagination practices that help us flourish resilience and robustness whilst harnessing our sensitivity as a superpower.
ChaNan shares insights into her practice and the superpower of being a highly sensitive person in a fractured world. She reveals that the ways we tend to ourselves is the way we tend to Earth, and that we experience our wholeness and forge change by embracing slowness, fully listening to our bodies and honouring our interconnectedness with Earth.
We explore
:: how we can use imagination and dreams to understand our bodies as sensuous landscapes to embody our interconnection with nature and ecologies
:: the idea of our biomes as fluid identities
:: harnessing our gifts of sensitivity and HSP’s perspectives as life’s superpower
:: integrating plant medicines & sugars as prosperous substances & sacraments
:: how we can understand our cravings as a longing for the Earth to hold us
:: ecological imagination practices for regulating our nervous systems and auric fields
“Our sensitivity comes back to what I seeing, what am I hearing. I don’t need to talk words, I can sense.” ChaNan Bonser

ChaNan Bonser is a healer, teacher and creative based in Mid Wales, working with a global client base, on both personal and organisational levels. She listens deeply to the stories that the body holds, helping to compost bits that are ready to let go. She finds inspiration in Earth and the seasons, and the cycles of birth, growth, death, decay and hibernation bringing these threads into her work.

She facilitates a clear, deep and embodied relationship for clients and groups, which help create space for potential and enables them to become more resilient and responsive to everyday pressures. She is dedicated to helping others find their own way forward. A key part of her work are Dreaming Circles, these connect participants with a deeper connection to Earth and the web of life through the seasons and Five Elements, finding the landscape of Earth within their bodies using embodied imagination and creative prompts.

She is a highly sensitive person, and this alongside the work with her clients has led her to develop an online course; Self-Care for Sensitives helping folk who are highly sensitive learn how their bodies and its systems contribute to their sensitivity and overwhelm. It contains tools and techniques that help bring resilience and robustness to learn how to harness sensitivity as a super power.

To connect or work with ChaNan, visit chananbonser.com

To connect or work with Amisha, visit amisha.co.uk

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