“We ourselves are beautiful expressions of nature. It’s only when we can get out of our own way, we can start to channel that life force of which we are part of.” Jessica Ferrow

E187 – Dear Grandchildren

Wisdom Weaving For Our Future Generations

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About this interview:

What insights gleaned from this lifetime can we pass on to nurture the beautiful future we are creating?
“We ourselves are beautiful expressions of nature. It’s only when we can get out of our own way, we can start to channel that lifeforce of which we are part of.” Jessica Ferrow
In this special episode we gather with cherished members of our community to wisdom weave for our future grandchildren. Stepping into eldership, each sharing in this circle, lovingly reveals meaningful stories and insights gleaned in this lifetime inviting the grandmother and grandfather in all of us to shine a light for our future generations. Make a cup of tea, and cozy up around the fire with us for this one.
We are encouraged to 
:: reclaim beauty in the world and be guided by truth
:: to understand death and heartache as nourishment for rebirth
:: become good listeners and to be intentional 
:: to be compassionate and humble and to allow ourselves to be
:: to honour our bodies as vessels of wisdom
:: make our body, our energy and our mind a safe space
“Remember how entwined and how much a part of this web of life we are, and that we so deeply belong to this Earth, that we are a force of nature. We have all the seeds within us to know, to remember who we truly are, and what we are here for.” ~Isla Macleod


Esteban Ruseler  is inspired by the possibilities that a more conscious and wholesome relationship with tech can bring society. He’s currently working on tech products to facilitate the shift to the circular economy. 

Isla Macleod is a ceremonialist, ritual designer and companion at thresholds. Dedicated to restoring the Sacred and inspiring a loving, reciprocal relationship with the natural world, Isla curates healing journeys and soul-crafting ceremonies that activate pathways of remembrance and belonging. Her book ‘Rituals for Life’ is a guide for honouring our natural transitions and cultivating more magic, meaning and connection in everyday life.

Jessica Ferrow is an entrepreneur, facilitator, mentor, mother and activist. Her heart-based leadership and transformative experiences guide businesses and organisations into unlocking their purpose, leadership and strategic responses to the climate and ecological emergency. Inspired by nature, her work centres around building regenerative cultures where people and communities can thrive.

Guy Ogilvy has been a practising spagyrist (Herbal alchemist) and student of the Western esoteric tradition for many years. He has written many books on esoteric subjects (some under the pseudonym Francis Melville), including The Alchemist’s Kitchen (Wooden Books 2006) and, most recently, The Great Wizards of Antiquity (Llewellyn, 2019). He lives in Bruton, Somerset, and his hobbies include foraging, mycology and music.

Hely Cameron weaves her love of our beautiful Earth, heart expansion & embodied exploration into everything she does, sharing nature inspired practices; bringing people together in community & curating the Mind Body Soul area for Noisily Festival. With a background in sustainability, she co-creates & explores soft, rooted ways of being that receive, celebrate & empower all hearts in this collective remembering of all that we are.

Barbara J Hunt is a forgiveness specialist, speaker, workshop leader and bestselling author of “Forgiveness Made Easy”. She has over 30 years experience in personal and spiritual development as a mentor, coach and group facilitator. She leads on-line “Forgiveness Field” workshops and courses on mental and emotional wellbeing. She works in private practice internationally and on bespoke retreats in rural Somerset in the UK. Barbara is also an integral musician and singer-songwriter and has recorded several CD albums and singles including her Song for International Peace. Her newest album and her next book are due to be released in 2023.


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