A few of the ‘futures’ we have received so far:

“I choose the future that we are collectively trying to shape, a new future, less about greed, more about understanding.” Orsola de Castro

“The Future I choose is one where young people are as keen to vote for politicians as they are for x-factor contestants.” Chris Lonie

“The Future I choose is one that we live happily with the environmental and social constraints of our planet.” Simon Goldsmith

“I choose a future where everything is fairer – the distribution of power, of resources, of respect. I’d also like an environmentally-sound hoverboard please.” Rick Edwards

The Future I choose is fitter , healthier , happier , less greedy , more liveable , more equal and beautifully designed ! Wayne Hemmingway

“I would like to see a future where we had the dictionary definition of democracy, government by the people, for the people and tolerating minority views. Politicians are a vested interest group only in politics to get re-elected, we should let them know by letter and email what our views are and tell them that if they don’t represent our views in parliament we wont vote for them next time.We need to get our elected representatives to represent the majority view of there constituency on every issue, no more towing the party line and being forced to vote with the government.We can do this by having national and constituency referenda and a civil service to implement them and administer the country according to the results.If we had had this, we wouldn’t have had an illegal war in Iraq, with thousands of innocent lives lost. We wouldn’t be cutting much needed A&E’s. We wouldn’t be having to cut child benefit so we can pay bankers bonuses.  Its our country and we as citizens should decide how its run, its our money, we should decide how it is spent. We can use our vote to get the country we want.” Katharine Hamnett

“The Future I choose is one in which I am in control of my own destiny, whatever it may be.” Aaron Savage

“A future where the word waste ceases to exist in our dictionaries.” Shibin Vasudevan

“A Glastopolitics, where groups can work together where they feel most comfortable, whether that’s on the fringes or on the main stage.” Noel Hatch

“The Future I choose is fairer, greener, and a time where people are better connected to one another.” Ben Little

“The Future I choose is one where we realise the positive impact we can have on the people and the world around us through our daily decisions and actions. It’s ‘us and us’ not ‘us and them’. It’s an interconnected, transparent, collaborative, empathic and fun future.” Henry Hicks

“The Future I choose is a future which uses the creativity and energy of people to find solutions to the world’s big problems, such as poverty, disease, abuse of human rights, bad government, environmental degradation, global warming, etc. The starting point is usually ideas that people have, not governments. The next step is for people to put those ideas into practice, and then make them work. We call these people social entrepreneurs. They should be encouraged, and their contribution celebrated. This is how we are going to make a better world.” Michael Norton

“The Future I Choose is is green. Not just a colour. Not just a political party. Not just a term for naivety! It’s a philosophy and a creative, experimental, cutting edge, super-sexy approach to life and lifestyle that is what the 21st century will be all about. Where we live, how we work together, how we get around, what we eat, where it grows, what fuels our fires, warms our hearts and inspires our minds – all are up for grabs…we’re beginning to realise consuming ever vaster quantities of ‘stuff’ ain’t making us happier (and we certainly can’t eat money), and that unequal societies make us sick – physically and mentally. The Future I choose is in tune with the earth beneath our feet, recognises us as people not just consumers and celebrates our collective potential to do the right thing. And I think we might even get there!” Ed Gillespie

“The Future I choose is shiny, happy and evenly distributed.” Lucy Shea

“The Future I choose means we are one, we are all involved in creating the future.” Ada Zanditon

“I would like to see a world in which every person can fulfill their potential without being bounded by race, class, gender or geography. That means removing more than physical constraints – it involves removing psychological ones too. You can have all the skill and luck and resources in the world, but if you don’t have faith you’ll get to your destination, you’ll never even set off. I want everyone to choose their own future, and to believe they can get there.” Rowenna Davis

“A Future where putting the environment first is a reflex” James Parr

“The Future I choose is to fight to end poverty not keep people dependent but without gimmicks.” John Bird

“The Future I choose is a world where children can grown and live healthily and happy regardless of where they are born.” Emily Renny

“A future where businesses will act together, as a community, towards the separability of sustainable practices.” Livia Firth
“The Future I choose is one where we give all we can and take only what we need.” Rory Costello

“The Future I Choose is where people are happy from within. This expresses itself in healthy and beautiful habits from the way people eat to the way they relate to others.” Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

“The Future I Choose would be one with no boarders, no boundaries, no religion, no reason for war and anger.  The future I’d choose would be one of world peace and cooperation.  Water, food and good health for all and a global environmental policy that ensured these for all generations to come.” Luke Tucker

“The Future I Choose is a future where we learn, live and love as one.” Jamie Burdett

“The Future I Choose cares. More thought, more time and more love!” Victoria McQuillan

“I choose a future that is driven by love and respect not fear and greed. We’ll all be on the same side and working together in support of each other. We’ll be using our creative energy to solve the world’s problems and we’ll be having fun whilst we’re doing it. The future I choose is one where it is sexy and cool to care about the planet and its people.” Amisha Ghadiali

“The Future I Choose is one where all designers use their considerable creative skills for the greater good, to produce beautiful, useful and sustainable products and systems for all to enjoy.” Leonora Oppenheim

“The Future I choose is one in which all people treat each other with respect.” Tony Eves

“The Future I choose is one where everyone has an equal say in how the country is run.”  Andy Thirsk

“The Future I choose is inspired and acting people” Jalia Osha

“The Future I choose is one where everyone knows how to use their voice in their community, or globally.” Nicola Harwood

“The Future I choose is a global world with freedom of movement, and representation beyond the nation-state as citizen. Moving beyond standing armies.” Sonia Ali

“The future I would choose for tomorrow is one where today we all dare to dream bigger, undertake greater adventures, tell richer stories and strive to be more curious there by collectively solving the issues that we know the future will hold.” David de Rothschild

“The future I choose is one where the barriers between nature and societies are blurred, one where we all think of ourselves as environmentalists, as the environment is our umbilical cord for life, and therefore one where we full fill our role as care takers of the planet.” Jo Royle

“The Future I Choose is a world with less shoes and more views on things that matter and have beauty” Louie Louie Herbert

“The Future I Choose is creative, connected, cultured, with less consumption and waste” David Hawksworth

“The Future I choose is one of inclusion, coherence, diversity and community values between people both globally and locally.” Josie Nicholson

“The Future I Choose would see the super rich willingly donate a large percentage of their wealth to those who have nearly nothing.” Sian Moore

“The Future I Choose is one where people have as much choice as me” Samantha Johnson

“Equality. No more first world and thrid world” Michelle Dulce

” The Future I Choose is yellow. Is creative. Is passionate. Is collaborative, is welcoming, celebrates difference and celebrates everyone.” Sian-Estelle Petty

“Learn, make, explore, love, live” David Howell

“The Future I Choose Will be one of better health” Lizzy

“The Future I Choose is to supprt my mum’s campaign that mamographies save lives (she had breast cancer detected by an NHS screening) All women 50+ should try to go to theirs.” Sarah Green

“Is one where young people are inspired not apathy and cynical ridden but a believer in their power to cause positive and political reform.” Jameela Oberma

“Is home made, home grown, and hand reared. Its about family, community and fresh air.” Katie Brannigan

“The Future I Choose is Where all people can feel safe and free” Vanessa Jubenot

“The idiot officials in councils start talking to each other about how to actually be sustainable.” Peter Whiteway

 “The Future I Choose is happy and healthy and sorrounded by friends and family” Alison Lewis

“Is where there’s no money, everything is traded, so that I can finally swap my oldbunk beds (complete with matresses) for a nissan figaro (in colour topaz mist).” Alicia Weekes

“Is a Britain that believes in community and is enclusive of all cultures.” Ligia Baracet

“Being happier (however we each define it!)” Alex Thompson

“Safe, sound and sustainable” Sydney Levinson

“Is a world where fashion is no longer harming the environment or its employees” Jo Carlfield

“Is without war or fear, without hate and ignorance and without big brother!” Helen Sykes

“Is a nuclear free, exhaust free, peaceful, clean world.” Ros Wilkinson

“No plastic. More polite people.” Maiveen Edwards

“Is a happy one, full of love and hope. May it last forever with my special person.” Simon Jaekin

“The Future I Choose is to live with my wife” Mr Barreau

“The Future I Choose is to live with my fatastically handsome and sexy husband.” Mrs Barreau

“Would be filled with love. No War. Enough food and water for the WHOLE world. A safe place for our children.” Patsy Palmer