Become a Partner

We are currently looking for partners and sponsors for Think Act Vote. If you know anybody that might be interested or want to know about ways that your company or organisation can support our work,  please contact us at

You might be able to donate funds or donate skills. We always need support with web stuff, public relations, event planning, funding and things we might not have even thought about. So if you are inspired and want to donate your skills even just for a few hours, you might be just what we need!

Project Objectives:

* To inspire people to connect with their personal agency and start living in a way that works towards creating a better world.

* To change our relationship with the political, reclaim “vote” as something that we take part in on a daily basis that is an expression of what we want, not something for politicians to take from us.

* To be an accessible first step for people to express their thoughts and feelings when it comes to our affect on the world, and act as a stepping stone into issue based or political activism.

* To show that activism can be fun and to speak in a language that is simple, clear and understandable to all.

* To show people that no matter who we are, when we take away cultural, social, economic and physical boundaries that we all have a shared positive vision of the world we would like to live in.

“Think Act Vote is encouraging new audiences to get involved, be creative and take a proactive stance towards making positive change happened. “ Cyndi Rhoades, Founder of Anti-Apathy