The Fashion Bit

?!X (Think Act Vote) is using creative energy to inspire people to think positively about our future. We are working with ethical and eco designers to create cool, wearable clothes that spread the message of the campaign, and through the ?!X Photobooth giving everyone we come a cross a chance to get involved.
The T-shirt
In partnership with ethical fashion label Komodo, we searched for the perfect design for our carbon neutral ?!X t-shirt from up and coming designers, artists and illustrators. The only proviso was that the design had to include the words Think Act Vote. The t-shirt serves as a reminder that we can think, act and vote every day to create the future that we choose.

Photo by Ben Gold

The winner was decided by the ?!X judging panel, made up of some of the best-known faces in ethical fashion and design, including ethical hero Katharine Hamnett, celebrated illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve and the original ‘anti-preneur’, Cyndi Rhoades.The winning design is now available to purchase online and in selected shops across the UK. Read about the winning design by Jesson Yip and see the design shortlist.
Re-Design Challenge: ?!X Refashioned
Leading ethical fashion designers Junky Styling, Ada Zanditon, Beautiful Soul, Traid Remade, Nancy Dee, Ciel, Tara Starlet, and Miksani got involved with ?!X taking on our upcylcing challenge. You can see their beautiful creations and read about how they created their piece. Students from the London College of Fashion MA Fashion and the Environment have also taken part and we are looking forward to seeing what they come up with. If you have customised your Think Act Vote t-shirt and made it unique, send us a photo and we will happily do a blog post about you.
Think Act Vote artwork by Holly Berry

Think Act Vote artwork by Holly Berry