Here is what some of our friends have to say about us…(thank you!) 

Dan Snow (Historian/TV Presenter) –  “I was immediately struck by Amisha’s passion and drive when I met her during the Yes to AV campaign. People in the West seem to have a jaded attitude towards politics and politicians but people like her and the Think Vote Act project are a reminder of what can be achieved in our democracy.”

Solitaire Townsend – “Think. Act. Vote. is able to do what so many of the mainstream parties struggle to do, and that’s to engage the public in what politics is truly about. I wish Amisha and all the team best of luck!”

Tamsin Omond – “This year’s general election is kickstarting some great initiatives. The Commons – a political party that is all about exciting the people who never bothered voting before and now this brilliant brand – Think Act Vote – thank God we’re not alone in making politics cool. Democracy isn’t about one vote in one ballot box, once every four years. It’s the conversations we have with our friends, it’s the clothes we wear and the slogans we write. Politics might be dead, but democracy is live and Amisha’s initiative shows us how true that is.”

Michael Norton – “Lots of people doing lots of little things can change the whole world. Think first. Then act. And also remember to vote, as participative democracy will be needed underpin our future very crowded planet. Think, act, vote…. you’ve got it about right”.

Ryan Fix  – “our thoughts define our actions, which create our world.  think>act>vote.”

Chris Arnold – “The future belongs to those that are inspired, who take risks, who push down the barriers of conformity and ignore the pessimists. To those that not only see change but make the change.”

Kriss Akabusi – “Think Act Vote is social entrepreneurial idea from Amisha Ghadiali to encourage us to connect to our world, connect to our universe, think of the moments in time that really impacted us and think of the acts that we know can help make a better world. I am really excited to be part in parcel of the programme and I hope that you will get involved too.”

Rowenna Davis  – “Great project – let’s keep things positive.”

Atul Srivastava – “A great campaign and a great reminder that we don’t just vote at ballot boxes. We vote when we buy eco fashion. We vote when we buy hybrid cars. We vote when we use less energy in the home. We vote when we buy organic, fair trade and local food. We vote several times a day, so let’s think before we vote!”

Leonora Oppenheim – “Fantastic way to get people thinking creatively about the future and about politics in the run up to the election – aiming for a demographic that usually feels left out of the political process – great work!”

Tuba Gursoy – “Think Act Vote is an open invitation and encouraging platform for absolutely anyone who cares about their future. Unlike other campaigns, it doesn’t have a hidden agenda or fixed gaze on a particular social group. I feel connected to something much greater and more positive as a result of this.”

Cyndi Rhoades – “After years of developing different platforms for engaging people in key issues at Anti-Apathy, it’s great to see how fresh initiatives like Think Act Vote are encouraging new audiences to get involved, be creative and take a proactive stance towards making positive change happen.”

Peter Hames – “Anything to connect meaningful issues with voting in people’s minds. And there are few things as democratic as the t-shirt.”

Jocelyn Whipple – “Think Act Vote is a great initiative based on three seemingly obvious factors that I feel are sometimes much under used, not only in regards to fashion!”
Joe Komodo –  “Vote for democracy – you’ve got to be in it to win it !”
Katharine Hamnett – “Thousands of people have died and are dying all over the world for the right to vote. It is one of our most precious possessions. Use it before we loose it.”
Melissa Sterry – “Keep up the good work. It’s a tough time, especially for those on the edge of innovation, but keep going, the tide is turning.”

Marcia Chandra – “The Think Act Vote Campaign is great for injecting a little diversity into political engagement by reaching out to a younger ‘cool’ conscious audience. Its not just about voting once a year, its about how politics and choice impact our daily living.”

Simone Figuere – “The Think Act Vote Campaign is brilliant because you can feel the passion behind it and that’s going to attract more of this from people and get them to flow with more vigor and zest in life – especially feeling the confidence to create change – which is EXACTLY what the campaign is all about!”

Samantha Hannah – “Not enough people in this beautiful world care to look after it, which is sad, because most of us are happy to live in it!”

Rhea Donaldson – “It is hopeful – that people feel free enough to express their dreams of a future and maybe even organise to help it happen”

Ellen – “Caring about what you believe shouldn’t be seen as uncool, the Think Act Vote campaign prevents this, and personally it’s a relief to see I’m not the only young person excited about politics”

Cynthia Fah-Ok – “All of us can be more mindful of the way we treat each other, ourselves and the planet.  One way that change can occur is through creative and clever dialogue that inspires one not only to think, but to ACT.  When we realise those entrusted with the power to ACT for us are put there by election, and that we are not hapless cattle or victims of happenstance, it is hoped that we will strive to become the educated voter with a voice.”

Lenka Krepelkova – “I think people need to be educated these days about eco-friendly lifestyle. A lot of people seem to have no idea about what is going on around them. We are becoming like the obeying sheep-work, food, sleep and we completely forget to live and I think that eco friendly lifestyle is actually something that gives you a kick up your back side to realise that there is so much beauty and love around you but there is also so much we could do and give some love back to our environment and our planet! Keep up your amazing work-let it be all worth it!”

September Rose – “I love this idea – I think it’s great, it encourages people to really think about things and write it down, which just adds a degree of import to it, by commiting it to ‘paper’. I think sometimes people are afraid of standing out from the crowd by doing something different. This space allows people to do just that almost anonymously, but at the same time it makes them realise that there are a lot of people who feel the same which will hopefully encourage them to do more.”

Amie Tsang – “Politics is personal and it’s time someone made it so. ”

Samson Pharaoh Ikharia – “I think it’s easy for people (particularly certain social groups) to feel they are worthless, can’t make a difference within the world or within their own lives…This hurts me. That’s why I support you lot.”

Ilaria Pasquinelli – “This project gives hope and energy and it is an example on how to think outside the box.”

Lord Alderdice – ” Think, Act, Vote is the perfect antidote to the mixture of chaos, violence and authoritarianism that is causing so much despair in our global village. TAV is a creative, exciting and inspiring call to action, and whatever age you are, you have something to bring to the party. Join it”

Ella Nosworthy – “Spreading awareness and really getting people thinking…not simply by going around with clip boards lecturing people that never works. You are doing something unique that they will remember and thumbs up foe actually getting people involved and thinking. Also getting some big coverage…well done!”

Louisa Doyle – “I think its a really great cause and I love how it is different to any other I’ve come across before. I’m really interested in the fashion aspects and can’t wait to get involved”

Katie Weightman – “Keep up the good work!”

Daisy De Villeneuve – “Think Act Vote Campaign brings to light an important matter concerning us all”

Rebecca Gill – “It’s important to know that what most people think isn’t being echoed by current politicians”

Anika Khanna -“‘When you unite many voices to carry one unanimous message the power that message and prayer carries will be strong enough to resonate throughout the world and make a difference”

Diana Korchien – “Follow the beating of your heart and one day, it will be the heart of politics. Well done, Think Act Vote for listening to your collective hearts!”

Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff – “There is nothing more powerful than to feel passion for something then act on it in a positive manner. Think Act Vote allows one person to make a critical change. Don’t waste the opportunity!”

Chloe Mardsen – “All industries need to be more forward-thinking and fashion is one of the few industries attempting to build a sustainable future. It brings politics and fashion together.”

Helen Ball -” I think that this is an awesome idea! It gives people from all walks of life and careers to say what is important to them. It will give the “big wigs” an idea of the changes that need to made and not those that are decided in a board meeting!”

Victoria McQuillan – “Politics is running the risk of disappearing from contemporary culture and dearly needs a new lease of life!  Think Act Vote is a great opportunity to affect a change.”

Michael Gun-Why – “Discovering the Think Act Vote Campaign has made me realise that I am not alone in wanting to make a positive change. I think its brilliant!”

Natalie Vescia – “Because it allows the government to hear our real voice and it is more powerful than a petition. It goes that extra mile!”

Ada Zanditon – ” Think Act Vote is vital and important because so many have become really disengaged with politics so its great to see a neutral campaign that encourages people to be engaged and make choices and feel empowered. Everyone has an opinion and we can only say we live in a democracy if we discuss/ express them and act and vote! ”

Sarah Ratty – “I was invited to customise a t-shirt by the Think Act Vote Campaign and a few days later the tee’s arrived in the post! I wasn’t sure what I was going to make from them and several ideas flitted across my mind before finally settling on one. I don’t usually talk about this kind of thing but quietly add it into each collection I make and let the designs speak for themselves, which I have been doing for the past twenty years, but this year as I was invited to be a key speaker at the UN I thought it was time to speak up and call for action, Think Act Vote is a campaign that asks us to do the same thing, speak up and make a difference.”

Mirella De Jonge – “I’ve newly progressed into the post-25 age group and remain painfully aware of the disenfranchisement felt by young people as well as everyone else. Think Act Vote is an important actor in the long and hard fight for democracy.”

Beautiful Soul – “Think.Act.Vote. encourages us to think about our future, voice our opinion and communicate our message; Beautiful Soul is proud to be part of such a refreshing campaign”.

Junky Styling ” We love Think Act Vote. Get it out there and keep it out there!”

Traid Remade – “TRAID says ‘you can’t take part if you don’t take part’.”

Tara Starlet  – “Think Act Vote is a brilliant innovative project, inspiring people to become activists in a fun and different way”

Nancy Dee- “We got involved with the project as they felt that this campaign was a great way to raise awareness and remind people that their votes affect their future.”

Miksani- “I wanted to be involved in the Think Act Vote campaign because I fully support it’s positive approach, we are all responsible for the small and large choices we make in our lives each day.”

Meredith Hines “Its an infinitely powerful thing: a concentration of passionate, positive voices from all corners of the globe, who embrace the diversity of each others views while uniting for local and global change. A forum like this amplifies that voice of the collective, and makes it impossible to ignore.”
Ida Burchardi – “You walk the talk and I think you guys show the potential in emergent politics: Doing what you can, where you are and with what you have. When everybody begins to transform goodwill and ideas into progressive action the future will become even better.”
Leonor Stjepic – “In our increasingly busy lives, something that makes us stop to dream about what could be possible is powerful and worthwhile.”
Shreen Ayob – “I think this project is great because it relies on the very thing I think needs to be taken advantage of more if we’re to improve our world – crowd sourcing, collaboration, listening to people’s views and sharing information on a mass scale. Thank you so much for doing this.”
Rachel Saw – “I’ve had enough of politicians telling me what I want and how I want it done – here is a place where I can express what I want and this is how I want to do it.”
June Sarpong – “By the sound of this project- I love the idea of asking people these questions. It’s a document that records the way people think and what people think! These 6 questions give you the window into the mind-set of whoever the author is. It’s a great idea and congratulations and well done!.”
Matt Chocqueel-Mangan – “Nothing but respect and admiration for everyone involved. Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s important – and it’s working.”
Petronella Tyson – “We have to envision our future and empower ourselves and others to choose what that will be and how will we get there. Backcast from that and we can achieve what the world, you and I all need.”
Pamela McLean – “The future is unknown territory – so we don’t want to go there alone – thanks for helping us to make plans and share visions together”
Lucy Harvey – “Think Act Vote is a very necessary campaign, I grew up in a generation of apathetic people who were under the illusion all our ‘needs’ were being catered for. Now It’s time to wake-up!”
Anila Babla – “I love that Think Act Vote brings people together to work towards something bigger than we can do alone. I wanted to get involved as an illustrator because I think any radical ideas for the future need a healthy dose of creativity!”
Lucy White – “It’s easy to think and never act, or act without thinking, or think about voting, or act like you’re thinking- the crucial step is to integrate and align these, thanks for driving this Amisha!”
João Machado – “Think, Act, Vote is a great project with a great motto based on shaping a positive, open and creative world.”
Olivia Sprinkel – “Think Act Vote encourages us all to take responsibility for our actions every day, inspires us in a fun way to show that we all have an important part in play creating the future we choose, that we each have something to bring, and gifts to share with our community.”
Phillip McKenzie – “This is a great project…it made me think about my perspective on life and the world we live in. Hopefully I was able to give as much to it as I got from it…”
Andrew Rasiej – “At a moment in human history when we know that human connectivity through technology is changing everything the Think, Act, Vote project helps us realize that we actually can choose the future we live in and determine the arc of history and the trajectory of mankind.”
Ariana Proehl – “We are in some very serious, but opportune times in our world to re-imagine ideas of social change and community, and the concept behind Think Act Vote exemplifies the best of this innovative, future thinking. There are a lot of spaces to push back on what’s going wrong in the world, but fewer spaces that show us what we can be supporting and saying “yes!” to for our future. We need more spaces of inspiration and hope, that celebrate the best of what we’re doing and remind us we’re not alone in our visions for a better future.”
Paul Hilder – “The future I choose is the future I never even thought of – before each one of you opened my eyes”
Peter Gregson – “Answering these questions has made me think about what matters to me the most. It’s very easy to forget when bogged down and stressed with deadlines and travel, but it’s vital we keep coming up for air. Think Act Vote can provide the push to look at something differently.”
Simon Goldsmith – “The ‘Think, Act, Vote’ initiative reminds us that we have the power in our minds, hearts and hands to make the world a better place by helping us understand what is truly important to us and to do something positive to achieve it. The more people are influenced by it the more healthy a society and planet we will have – I wish you the best in this essential transformation.”
Karis McLarty – “A formidable force for empowerment and suffrage, THINK ACT VOTE demands to be heard across young communities that don’t always take notice of their own power to change things. Show us your power! THINK ACT VOTE!”
Phillipa Young – “There is nothing harder to achieve than moving people from a state of inertia and apathy to engagement and action. That ThinkActVote is willing and capable of taking on such a task is one of the most noble things I’ve come across.”
Kyra Choucroun – “Epic and crucial, Think Act Vote offers us a collaborative and meaningful roadmap for the future we choose to create. There is nothing easy about it: it is meant to not only help us vocalise the future we choose to create, but how we can create it together.”
Laura Nelson – “This project demonstrates the diversity of talent, optimism and determination among people committed to changing the world for the better. It is both inspiring and fascinating, and the energy that comes from it will help shift our thinking in ways we couldn’t have imagined.”
Jag Singh –  “I think ?!X is an incredible initiative that deserves a lot more attention. I’ve spent a few hours reading through the site, it’s certainly inspiring to see how people from different backgrounds are coming together to share ideas and manage their expectations of the future in a way that allows no one to question the sincerity of their commitment.”
Alistair Humphreys – “Great to be involved with a group who not only encourage thought, but also the crucial ACTION to make stuff happen!”
Lucie Barat – “Think, act, vote is the most inspiring concept I’ve come across in a long time – just when you thought the country was sinking in apathy and reality television along come a group of people who believe in humanity!”