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Think Act Vote Refashioned Designers

Ada Zanditon – ” Think Act Vote is vital and important because so many have become really disengaged with politics so its great to see a neutral campaign that encourages people to be engaged and make choices and feel empowered. Everyone has an opinion and we can only say we live in a democracy if we discuss/ express them and act and vote! “

Beautiful Soul – “Think.Act.Vote. encourages us to think about our future, voice our opinion and communicate our message; Beautiful Soul is proud to be partof such a refreshing campaign”.

Junky Styling ” We love Think Act Vote. Get it out there and keep it out there!”

Ciel– ” Think Act Vote is a campaign that asks us to speak up and make a difference…you can too ..  Just Think, Act, Vote!”

Traid Remade – TRAID says ‘you can’t take part if you don’t take part’

Tara Starlet “Think Act Vote is a brilliant innovative project, inspiring people to become activists in a fun and different way”

Nancy Dee– “We got involved with the project as they felt that this campaign was a great way to raise awareness and remind people that their votes affect their future.”

Miksani– ‘I wanted to be involved in the Think Act Vote campaign because I fully support it’s positive approach, we are all responsible for the small and large choices we make in our lives each day.’