“Intimate discussions about practical and transformative ideas. As the year has progressed I have enjoyed these Podcasts more and more. The people chosen and the practical ideas they express, challenge convention to the roots of the old paradigm we have been used to. Amisha and her interviewees are futurists. The subtlety of what they are offering us cannot be explained in short soundbites, so I find I need to listen carefully and with patience to extract the meat from them, but Amisha brings out the best in all those she chooses for her discussions by creating an atmosphere of trust and intimacy. It is this quality that makes these podcasts compelling, enjoyable and transformatively educational. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.” Ardhan, Italy

This podcast is made by:

an all woman and diverse team!

Amisha Ghadiali, host and producer – www.amisha.co.uk

Mary Chan, sound editor E29 – present – www.organizedsound.ca

Annegret Affolderbach, writer of show notes and creator of social posts E91 – present – www.annegretaffolderbach.com

(you can find the current team bios and photos here)

with thanks to:

Gavin Kendrick, sound design and editor E1-7 – www.soundofdusk.co.uk

Lucy White, writer of show notes E1 – 90 – www.glowingphrases.com

Jack Darvill, sound editor E8 to E28

Lorraine Cantrell social media and newsletter E41-62

Podcast music (E1-37) from Spring Clean by The Happening (thank you Jamie Catto & Alex Foster) This is still is the music you hear at the very start accompanying the words from the guest.

E38 to present – podcast music by Boe Huntress (the main song you here in the intro is You Are Enough)

Original podcast artwork photography by Helen Abraham. New photograph by Steph Rausser for Series Seven. 

All That We Are logo by Lori Menna – Cosmic Collage

And You – thank you for listening and sharing and for all you do to make the future beautiful.

It’s all made possible thanks to you, our community for supporting us through our membership.

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“A friend recommended All That We Are/The Future is Beautiful podcast to me. It immediately struck a chord. In a world where we are bombarded by information, it’s surprising how little of it is original or thought-provoking. To discuss the many challenges facing our species at the moment, we need to start thinking out of the box. With this inspiring podcast, Amisha and the team have created a space where new terrain can be intelligently explored, and where both feminine and masculine voices have an equal chance to be heard. Nobody has ever created anything without first imagining it. The future is no different. Many thanks to All That We Are team for building a platform for new voices and visions.”

Atulya K Bingham, founder of The Mud Home www.themudhome.com

“I really look forward & enjoy listening to Amisha’s podcasts – the idea behind it is really hopeful & encouraging towards raising consciousness. It allowed me to remain focussed & connected to a spiritual path in such a hectic world, a reminder of things possible. One of the main reasons I specifically choose to follow All That We Are (and a consistent patron, donating monthly to keep it alive) is because the people who are speaking with Amisha are genuine & are experts in their field. I appreciate the carefully hand selected connections she talks with, and they are people she knows personally in her life and in itself is an sign of the power in information & change. Finally how Amisha focusses on the message she is delivering, and doesn’t want to associate with commercialism – so rare these days.”

Lucy Cates, Model and Actress

“To tune into me, I tune into this podcast.It is grounding to hear people talk about Love and Communication with Earth. And it has become important to tune into this podcast to further explore and expand on my intuition.”

Paulo, United States

“All that we are. This new name so perfectly captures the deep and expansive nature of this podcast which has been (and continues to be) such a gift over the past few years. Every conversation I listen to brings new ideas, inspiration and soul nourishment. They continue to give me hope and encouragement and call me into authenticity and love. Hugely recommended and so much gratitude to Amisha and the team. 💗✨”

Deana, Doctor, United Kingdom

“A stream of gold dust. If you are looking for MORE SOUL and less algorithms in your life then tune into this podcast – a source of connection, transformation and inspiration! Huge thanks to Amisha and the team who make this happen – I see more colour in life because of it, and when things feel shaded and jaded I don’t feel so alone🌪🌈✨🌏”

Nancy, United Kingdom

About the podcast

‘all that we are’ explores the weave between activism, the sacred, creativity and regeneration. The spaces where our inner and outer worlds dance. From healing trauma to nature connection to new technologies to ancient wisdom – it’s time for us to move beyond silos and into an integrated way of being. Every one of us has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a more beautiful future. Despite the challenges we face as a global community or the pressures we meet in our daily lives, when we stop and dare to listen, to ask ourselves the big questions and to share what we are already doing and envisioning, we create the futures of our wildest dreams. And we begin to embody all that we are, all that we are becoming and all that is possible.

This podcast takes us out of the mainstream narrative, into deep, long, authentic, unedited conversations. We work towards decolonising the process of which voices are heard and the tone in which the media operates. We offer spaces of deep listening, where we come into our hearts so we are more receptive to understanding different perspectives and integrating what we hear into our own bodies and lives. We hope to bring real diversity to the show, both in terms of people from different cultures and backgrounds as well as people that you have heard of and unsung heroes you have not. All created without sponsorship or mainstream backing – so totally independent and listener supported. We have an all female multi-cultural team working on the production of the show.

Our community is growing, we have listeners in 160 different countries. We have hit the apple podcasts charts at Number 1 in the US for Philosophy and Number 3 in the UK, as well as in the top 50 for Society & Culture. The podcast was launched in 2017, from a project we started in 2010. (more on that story here)

Alongside the podcast, we have our collaborative book, learning journeys and our membership offering.

all that we are celebrates all that we are already and the untapped potential that lives inside us. It invites the full power of the more than human world, nature, the unseen, our ancestors and our future generations. It reminds us that we never exist in silo through borders, timelines or polarity. That in each and every moment – all that we are is here.

“Interesting, mind-expanding on so many levels. These interviews give me such a hopeful sense of the creativity and caring and brilliance of Amisha’s generation of dedicated activists and thinkers.” Sally Kempton, Meditation Teacher & Author 

“Amisha’s interviewing style is disarming, intimate and imbued with grace. She orients towards themes and ideas that are complex and sometimes challenging, so that it feels like she elicits the best from each one she interviews. She also weaves threads from her own experience and helps to surface universal truths that are medicine for those listening. It’s a gift to be interviewed by her, as I always learn more about myself from the exchange, and find her presence to be deeply inviting and inspiring.” Nina Simons, Founder of Bioneers & Author