“Intimate discussions about practical and transformative ideas. As the year has progressed I have enjoyed these Podcasts more and more. The people chosen and the practical ideas they express, challenge convention to the roots of the old paradigm we have been used to. Amisha and her interviewees are futurists. The subtlety of what they are offering us cannot be explained in short soundbites, so I find I need to listen carefully and with patience to extract the meat from them, but Amisha brings out the best in all those she chooses for her discussions by creating an atmosphere of trust and intimacy. It is this quality that makes these podcasts compelling, enjoyable and transformatively educational. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.” Ardhan, Italy

How will you create beauty in the world?

Every one of us has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a brighter future.

Our global future is created by all of us, together. The Future Is Beautiful is the start of a new conversation for making that happen.

Following on from our book, we have launched The Future Is Beautiful Podcast, a space for deep long conversations about things that matter. Our host Amisha Ghadiali interviews somebody inspiring every week, starting with Charles Eisenstien.

On this show we explore the weave between politics, spirituality, creativity and sustainability. The people, projects and ideas we meet here are challenging the dominant world story and creating a beautiful future. We share a new interview every Thursday.

This show takes us out of the mainstream narrative, into deep, long, authentic, unedited conversations. Amisha sits down with our guests face to face so that we get that level of intimacy that you can’t get on a video call. We alternate every week between and a male and a female guest, and over time we hope to bring real diversity to the show, both in terms of people from different cultures and backgrounds as well as people that you have heard of and unsung heroes you have not.

Series One went really well. We got touching feedback on the impact of these conversations for our listeners, and at one point make is to Number 1 in the US itunes charts for Philosophy and Number 3 in the UK, as well as in the top 50 for Society & Culture.

This project has always been a labour of love, something that we work on just because we know it’s important. This podcast is starting the same way. We really want this to be an advertising free space, that disrupts the current model, and focuses on people not products – the people on the show, the people listening to the show and the people behind the scenes that make the show. And so we are launching a  crowdfunding campaign that means we can be supported to make this by you, the community, if you enjoy the show and would like to make a monthly donation that would be wonderful. It can be anything from $2 a month to whatever you fancy.

Our goal is that the costs of our sound editor and writer are covered for series two. Help us get there!

You can find out how to support us and join our community, here.




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This podcast is made by:

an all woman and diverse team!

Amisha Ghadiali, host and producer – www.amisha.co.uk

Lucy White, writer of show notes and blog posts – www.glowingphrases.com

Mary Chan, sound editor E29 – present – www.organizedsound.ca

with thanks to:

Gavin Kendrick, sound design and editor E1-7 – www.soundofdusk.co.uk

Jack Darvill, sound editor E8 to E28

Lorraine Cantrell social media and newsletter E41-62

Podcast music from Spring Clean by The Happening (thank you Jamie Catto)

Podcast artwork photography by Helen Abraham, and illustration by Illustrating Rain.

And You – thank you for listening and sharing and for all you do to make the future beautiful.

It’s all made possible thanks to you, our community for supporting us through monthly donations.


Here are a few reviews:

“A friend recommended The Future is Beautiful podcast to me. It immediately struck a chord. In a world where we are bombarded by information, it’s surprising how little of it is original or thought-provoking. To discuss the many challenges facing our species at the moment, we need to start thinking out of the box. With this inspiring podcast, Amisha and the team have created a space where new terrain can be intelligently explored, and where both feminine and masculine voices have an equal chance to be heard. Nobody has ever created anything without first imagining it. The future is no different. Many thanks to The Future is Beautiful team for building a platform for new voices and visions.”

Atulya K Bingham, founder of The Mud Home www.themudhome.com

“The Future Is Beautiful is a podcast created by, and for those seeking to understand how to create beauty in the world. The show explores the relationship between politics, spirituality, creativity and sustainability. The people, projects and ideas you meet here are challenging narratives, which dominate our world, in the aim to shift common perceptions to reframe and even re-invent these. Each episode is intimate and close up; an entirely un-edited insight into new ways of thinking and living forged by a diverse selection of social entrepreneurs, creatives, thinkers, politicians, activists, healers and so on. I love it because it gives insight, reflection and inspiration without rushing me to be part of solutions that aren’t my own.’ It is essential listening for those curious about how we can shift our perceptions; widen our horizons. It provides insight, wisdom and leadership. No doubt it will leave you filled with optimism and new ideas that might just proof transformative.”

Annegret Affolderbach, https://www.instagram.com/annegret.affolderbach (previous guest on show and listener)

“I really look forward & enjoy listening to Amisha’s podcasts – the idea behind it is really hopeful & encouraging towards raising consciousness. It allowed me to remain focussed & connected to a spiritual path in such a hectic world, a reminder of things possible. One of the main reasons I specifically choose to follow The Future is Beautiful (and a consistent patron, donating monthly to keep it alive) is because the people who are speaking with Amisha are genuine & are experts in their field. I appreciate the carefully hand selected connections she talks with, and they are people she knows personally in her life and in itself is an sign of the power in information & change. Finally how Amisha focusses on the message she is delivering, and doesn’t want to associate with commercialism – so rare these days.”

Lucy Cates, Model and Actress