GIFT /// Creating The Future – Inspiration and Wisdom from The Future Is Beautiful Podcast (ebook)



The Future Is Beautiful Podcast has been running for just over a year now, and in that time we have shared the voices and stories of 44 wonderful humans who are creating the future they choose with their actions now.

We have explored what it means to live the future into being right now and what happens when we come together in open, heartfelt connection to inspire, uplift and encourage each other along our personal and collective journeys.

Our guests have come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, sectors, belief systems and countries. Each of them carries their own spark of passion and purpose, a vision for the future and a story of the past.

At this deepest, darkest season and turning of the calendar year, it is instinctive in us to go inwards and reflect. We believe that our words are a vehicle to transmit the little spark of divine light and wisdom that we have to share.

We offer you these words from our guests over the last year, in the hope that you might find  inspiration, comfort, validation or challenge to aid your personal journey and help you on your way to creating the future you would like to see.

Each section ends with some questions to support and guide your personal reflection as you journey through the booklet. There are 12 sections to work through, so – if you want to – you could work on a different theme for each month of the next year.

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With Love

Amisha, Lucy and Mary

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