Welcome to All That We Are, a space where we celebrate, explore and deepen our perspective on all that we are, and on all that we are becoming. 

Our new name celebrates us human beings, worthy as we are – and invites us to evolve into what is possible. 

All That We Are celebrates all that we are already and the untapped potential that lives inside us. It invites the full power of the more than human world, plants, animals, our ancestors, our future generations. It reminds us that we never exist in silo through borders, timelines or polarity. That in each and every moment – all that we are is here. 

We exist to offer a space of sanctuary, in the ever increasing madness, a place where you can come and be in kind company …… A place where you can learn, unlearn and connect to your own wisdom. 

We explore the weave between activism, the sacred, creativity and regeneration. The spaces where our inner and outer worlds dance.  From healing trauma to nature connection to new technologies to ancient wisdom – it’s time for us to move beyond silos and into an integrated way of being. Every one of us has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a more beautiful future. Despite the challenges we face as a global community or the pressures we meet in our daily lives, when we stop and dare to listen, to ask ourselves the big questions and to share what we are already doing and envisioning, we create the futures of our wildest dreams. And we begin to embody all that we are, all that we are becoming and all that is possible. 

Our Story

This project began in 2010 as Think Act Vote, in the run up to a UK election, realising politics was broken we made a ballot box and asked the question – What is the future we choose? We wanted to empower each person we met with the simple permission to vision the future of their wildest dreams and dare to create it, in both small and big ways. What struck us most during this exploration was how many people struggled to feel like they mattered, like what they wanted could make a difference. This inspired us deeper to open up that possibility in every person. And share the wisdom that we create the future by how we spend our time, money and energy – and what we do individually and collectively matters. 

Think Act Vote struck a collective nerve, and we received widespread press such as a feature in Marie Claire with the headline “Making Politics Fashionable.” 

We coined the term Creative Activism, and went on to do some powerful art installations and collaborations. In 2012, this culminated with our book The Future We Choose, which we launched at the climate talks Rio+20. The book featured over 200 voices sharing their visions of the world that they want to live in and how we can create it. The book speaks to the activist in all of us and opens up the question – How will you create beauty in the world? 

The book was birthed in many ways by our founder, Amisha Ghadiali’s determination to change the conversation around politics and activism – and create something empowering and inspiring. She was able to make this highly collaborative without any funding or agenda other than she felt it was important. It received many beautiful reviews such as this one: “Imagination is the most precious currency we have. This anthology is a priceless, awe-inspiring companion in a time for new dreams.”

In 2016, we published a new edition of this book, with the title The Future Is Beautiful. This spoke to what was possible with the power of our human intelligence and our presence in the world. With the world turning in even more curious ways, and our systems revealing themself as even more broken and exploitative, we wanted to be a seed of beauty, of possibility of meaning and inspiration. 

In 2017 we launched our globally acclaimed podcast which is now listened to in almost 200 countries. We were moved to speak to people whose work and lives are challenging the dominant story. We offered the conversations as long, unedited and without pre-prepared questions so they could be alive in a way we hadn’t experienced media before. We wanted them to explore the weave between politics, spirituality, sustainability and creativity – so we can come out of our silos – and bring more of who we are to our lives. These inspiring conversations also look into the darkness and difficulties of life and challenging the status quo, offering a sanctuary and a grounded optimism. 

We wanted to create a space to explore the living questions, and foster community for those exploring this relationship between our inner worlds and the collective. 

Now we are a global platform, where you can come on a journey of transformation with us, through our membership community, courses, events and retreats. 

We changed our name in 2022 to reflect the rapidly changing world we find ourselves in. Although we understood the nuance and the invitation in beauty, we felt it to be insensitive and exclusive somehow. Not everyone feels hopeful about the future, and this was always a place where those with anxiety or fear could come to hear a different perspective from what is offered in dominant culture. 

We needed a name that speaks of wholeness and reclamation and inclusivity, and empathy – so much of what’s needed now. 

And so here we are with All That We Are. And all that is possible. And now you are here –  Welcome.