‘all that we are’ is a community supported non profit. we are able to do what we do because of you. we began back in 2010 (and you can read more about our story here).

We are combining what was presence collective and what was the future is beautiful patrons into our new membership membership of all that we are. Now all we need is you! 


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What YOU give:

  • support the making of the podcast which keeps really good information and inspiration available for free all over the world (including those who are not able to access our courses and membership)
  • support an all female and racially diverse team (this is rare in media spaces)
  • support a space of soul and beautiful ideas 
  • monthly donations to treesisters and choose love (we adjust these as the membership grows) 
  • your part in our cycle of reciprocity (rather then just listening/consuming the podcast) 
  • you nourish the team and pay it forward – so we keep making podcasts 

What you get:

  • Monthly soul space sessions with Amisha
  • Monthly tree whispers 
  • Going Deeper Sessions
  • A whole library of workshops, movement sessions and meditations
  • Connection to our community through our own social network (no algorithms, advertising, data selling, or monitoring! an independent space to connect with others who are interested in the themes of the podcast) 
  • Make friends and collaborations with others in this space 
  • Access to our app so you have a sacred, inspirational space to visit directly from your phone 
  • Discounts to “all that we are” experiences – both online and in person 
  • Be part of something powered by humans not corporations 

As the membership grows, we will:

  • hire a community host to make your experience in the space more beautiful 
  • add extra functionality to our app such as finding members who are physically close to you right now 
  • create more member events including specials guests, movement and in person 
  • allow us to add more cutting edge aspects to the technology we offer (we already have created this using open source tech and can add other elements such as blockchain and crypto so we are able to utilise web 3 to create a digital experience that is of the future) 
  • create more episodes of the podcast with ease and grace
  • organise more in person experiences – workshops, retreats, gatherings
  • host more learning journeys and courses 
  • host weekly meditations and yoga classes 
  • launch podcast club where we will have a weekly space to discuss podcast episodes with other members
  • be a fully people powered movement of change and sacred space 
  • grow our team so we are more resourced and able to offer our most beautiful leadership and inspiration 

Join here

Ways YOU can support:


This is the beating heart of “all that we are.” It is our dream that all of our listeners become members and this becomes a fully people powered project. You can join here.


If you wish to make an offline donation or a larger donation for example sponsoring a whole episode, please contact us directly and we can do this through a bank transfer to save on processing fees. For large donations we can also explore making these tax deductible through our partners. 


If you would like to support us and become more active in this community and can donate time and skills rather than money, that’s great. We need support with getting the word out about the podcast, and running our events. You can also send us your guest ideas. Email us for more information.


Membership FAQ’s 


How is membership different from Presence Collective and The Future Is Beautiful Patrons? 

We have tried different things along the way, now for simplicity we have combined all these offerings into membership with access to all the workshops and video resources made for presence collective as well so much more. All the details are above. Presence Collective membership has automatically rolled into the new membership, and we are asking all patrons (through our old donorbox and patreon accounts to come onto the new platform and get the benefits of the app). 

Where does the money go? 

The vision was that the membership would fund our team in producing the podcast. We are not yet there in realising that vision, as we have added to the offering for our members, our costs have gone up, and so as the membership grows the reach of the funding does too. It starts with the monthly tech costs, then the basic team and we hope to grow to a place where we can extend our offering and do more in person and online events and courses. 

If I want to donate a larger amount or a smaller amount how do I do this? 

We have donorbox still set up, where you can choose your amount. So you may choose to be a member and donate an additional amount for example. You can contact us directly about significantly larger amounts, or set up a one off, monthly or annual donation here

If I want to contribute towards the tech build, how do I do this? 

That’s so kind of you and we really appreciate it, you can make a donation to the tech crowd fund here (which we are doing lightly as we really hope that our membership can cover all our costs and support our growth). 

Do you offer any scholarships, or special offers for people of colour?

We have set up our membership to be high value as we know that the “wellness” world can be exclusive, and this wisdom benefits everyone and then in turn the collective. If you are on the front lines of the pandemic such as nurses, hospital staff, supermarket staff and delivery people, you can have a whole year’s access for free to support you through this intense time. This is also available to refugees, those seeking asylum, single mothers and anyone else for whom £30 a month is out of the question. Simply fill in this form. We are at the present growing our membership and as it grows we will contact you and offer you a space. In the meantime, the podcast is free and full of amazing resources. And we also offer 20% off for all BIPOC – if you identify as black, brown, indigenous, of colour, please use the code REPRESENTATION.