The Weave

You are invited to…. The Weave

Come and be in community as we co-create this beautiful gathering, with others who have also been moved and inspired by what has been shared on the podcast over the years. This will be a non pretentious space for us to share our gifts with each other, share meals and be in held in the powerful embrace of nature. The programme will come from those who are attending, and what you want to offer, and as many haven’t been in physical spaces for a while, we will offer also free and open time to simply enjoy conversations, walks and swims across the land. We will dance and weave together threads of presence and the future….

We know this has been a longing in so many of your hearts, and so we are so pleased that is is happening just at the turning of Autumn Equinox and under the waning glow of the full moon.

The land we are going to be on is very special with places to sit around the fire, a stone circle, a lake, a mound to look at the stars from and much more. There is indoor space as well as outdoor space and we hope as it’s been a slow start to summer that the good weather and sunshine will grace us.

This gathering is going to be retreat style. We hope you will leave nourished in so many ways and it will feed your inspiration and creativity as we move into Autumn and Winter.

The Info:

Dates: Thursday 23rd September 2021 2pm until Sunday 26th September 6pm. We ask that you come for the whole event so we can create a strong group field.

Where: Devon, UK. Set in the magical lands of Embercombe, in a beautiful valley near Dartmoor. We will have the whole site to roam around and explore, enjoy sharing space together and arranging workshops and such in the different spaces. You can listen to our conversation with Mac Macartney for more on Embercombe. It’s a unique opportunity to be on this land, with other people in this community.

Food: We will eat three vegan delicious meals together each day, and this is included in your ticket. No need to bring anything.

Accommodation: This is a camping event so we can get close to the earth and skies, and your tent or campervan pitch is included in your ticket. There are also 17 yurts (with beds and wood fire stoves) and three campervans which can be booked at an additional price if you wish for something cosy. Bedding is provided in these options.

Schedule: This will be co-created which means if you want to offer a talk, concert, workshop, we will curate from the offerings. And no doubt we will put in a few surprises as well… We won’t be able to include everything as we want to also offer space, to connect with each other, the earth and the more than human world. We feel after the year we have all had this is important, so you can relax and weave. There will be yoga, meditation and dancing. You don’t have to offer anything into the programme, you are welcome to come and receive and participate.

Spoiler Alert: We can confirm Mac Macartney (Embercombe) and Richard Rudd (The Gene Keys) will be joining for talks during the gathering. Jessica Ferrow will lead a forest bathing session. We are in conversation with other guests who have been on the podcast to see how those in the UK can weave in… And Susannah Darling Khan (co-founder of Movement Medicine) is coming to offer us a dance as well as do take part in a live conversation with Amisha Ghadiali for the podcast on the themes of embodied listening and leadership.

Vibe: We will start the days with movement (yoga/dance), and then the afternoons will have talks/workshops and space to roam the land and enjoy the nature. Our evenings will be cosy, by the fire.

The Principles

Gift Culture: This will be at the heart of the event, we will be offering a few different ways for you to share your gifts with each other.

Community: Everyone who joins will be connected to The Future Is Beautiful. It will be a space of heartfulness, connection and inspiration.

Nature: We will be in this beautiful space where we can dance under the full moon, gaze at the stars, swim in the lake, sit on the mound, rest under trees and adventure through the land hearing the whispers and opening into what’s possible for the soul and mind with nature connection.

Embodiment: We will dance, and practice yoga and other ways of getting into the body that the community wants to offer. This will be a daily part of the gathering.

Play: We want this to be a fun and playful experience. There will be one opportunity to come in a costume, or as we say fancy dress and bring out another part of yourself.

Space: We promise not to schedule every moment, so you have time to rest, enjoy the scenery, spend time with your friends and make new friends.

Nourishment: We value spaces where we can come together and have a shared experience and tap deeper into our connection to ourselves, each other and the earth. This strengthens us into a joyful resilience that can nourish and resource us.

Receiving: With so many gifts being shared in different ways, we invite you to receive. If you don’t feel you have something you wish to offer at this time, please come and receive all the offerings. Everyone is welcome with whatever you are currently holding. This is a space of healing and celebration.

Weaving: We are each weaving our threads in this tapestry of the future, some of it is seen and understood, some threads are so fine we don’t even see them but they create something. Weaving gives space to the subtle, to showing up without an agenda and being guided towards something beautiful. By coming together we weave our stories and our futures.


The cost is £405 per person (which includes all your food and facilities) and two months membership of our new online space as we will be launching our community app the same month.

There is a £50 discount for current members of Presence Collective. (Use the code that you have been sent)

For full transparency, The Future Is Beautiful is only making roughly £8 per ticket (after card fees), so we can’t offer discounts. We will all be purchasing a ticket, even the core hosting team. This is similar to other co-created gatherings where we all make the experience together and the ticket price covers our core costs such as delicious meals and the facilities we are using. If we were offering this as a retreat (not a co-curated gathering) it would be triple the cost, however we have done it this way to make it as accessible as possible.


**** You can get your tickets here. (Only a few tickets remaining at £405!) You will have the option to book a yurt bed after you book this ticket. We will email you details how. There are still yurt spaces available.


***** Final Release tickets are available here (£645 including a yurt bed). We have decided to cap this event at 30 to make this covid safe and more intimate. As a result of this, the final tickets are offered higher to give us some budget to make magic with during the retreat. The original pricing was for a larger group size.


** Payment plan tickets (2 Instalments) are available here. (SOLD OUT).

** Payment plan tickets (3 Instalments) are available here (SOLD OUT).




* Scholarships: In case it becomes possible in any way, if you can only attend with a part scholarship, please fill out this form so we can contact you if anything becomes available. In particular we wish to support this being a diverse event as we recognise that the wellbeing and nature connection spaces are often very white.

* Ticket Gifting: If you would like to donate towards supporting others to come (whether you are coming or not), please fill out this form.

This is a beautiful opportunity to stay at Embercombe and receive their quality of hosting and nourishment. They are providing the perfect canvas for us to feel welcome and held, and then the magic we create together from there is up to us!


* Yurts: Beds in the yurts are an extra £110 (if you want warmth and don’t want to bring your tent/bedding). Whole Yurts are also possible for your family/group/household. Shared yurts will be two sharing, however for households we can fit up to 5 in there. The vintage caravans have fires and double beds and are available for £110 (they are quite small so advised for one or two very cosily…)  These are first come, first serve. There is currently yurt accommodation available. We will update here when it’s sold out. Book your ticket and then when you fill in the participation form, you can opt for a yurt.

* Dogs: Sadly dogs are not allowed on site.

* Kids: You are welcome to bring your children (we would love that). Kids under 5 are welcome with no extra ticket needed. Kids over 5 need a ticket. We will plan some activities for them depending on who is coming.

* BIPOC are very welcome, we would love this to be a fully diverse and welcoming event.

* Gifting: If you can’t make the event, or have the resources to buy an extra ticket to gift to somebody in the community that doesn’t have the resources. This is welcome. See form link above.

* Covid: We will be following guidelines for covid safety, and following guidance of Embercombe who are pros at hosting gatherings.

* We do ask that you are there for the whole event, if you can’t be and really want to come, please email us explaining and we will see what we can do.

* If you want to come, please get your ticket as soon as you can, the schedule is starting to fill up (so if you want to offer something please commit as soon as possible).

* This is the kind of gathering that you can come to on your own (and you will be welcomed and introduced to people) or come with a group of friends.

* If you have any questions or need any support in being part of this, please contact us at


Hosted by – The Future Is Beautiful

How will you create beauty in the world?
From healing trauma to vision to new technologies to ancient wisdom to regeneration – it’s time for us to move beyond silos and into an integrated way of being. Every one of us has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a brighter future. We are all called to be leaders at this time. This is the revolution. Despite the challenges we face as a global community, or the pressures that we meet in our daily lives, when we stop and dare to dream, to ask ourselves the big questions and to share what we are already doing, we create the future that we wish to wake up for. That Future Is Beautiful.
We have a book, online learning platform, community space and of course the podcast.
The Future Is Beautiful Podcast is a space for deep long conversations about things that matter. Our host Amisha Ghadiali interviews somebody inspiring every week, starting with Charles Eisenstein. We now have over 125 episodes including Polly Higgins, Satish Kumar, Sam Roddick, Bruce Parry and so many other luminaries.
On this show we explore the weave between politics, spirituality, creativity and sustainability. The people, projects and ideas we meet here are challenging the dominant world story and creating a beautiful future. We also host LIVE events and have an online community to support the process of embodying these themes.
This show takes us out of the mainstream narrative, into deep, long, authentic, unedited conversations. We work towards decolonising the process of which voices are heard and the tone in which the media operates. We offer spaces of deep listening, where we come into our hearts so we are more receptive to understanding different perspectives and integrating what we hear into our own bodies and lives. We hope to bring real diversity to the show, both in terms of people from different cultures and backgrounds as well as people that you have heard of and unsung heroes you have not. All created without sponsorship or mainstream backing – so totally independent and community supported. We have an all female multi-cultural team working on the production of the show.
Our community is growing, we have listeners in 160 different countries. We have hit the iTunes charts at Number 1 in the US for Philosophy and Number 3 in the UK, as well as in the top 50 for Society & Culture. The podcast was launched in 2017, from a project we started in 2010.
“Interesting, mind-expanding on so many levels. These interviews give me such a hopeful sense of the creativity and caring and brilliance of your generation of dedicated activists and thinkers.” Sally Kempton
“Inspiring and Refreshing! Anyone interested in original, creative, groundbreaking ideas should be listening to every episode of this podcast. not only is it a joy to listen to because Amisha’s hosting, flow, and perspectives are refreshing, relatable, and enlightening, but also the guests are all interesting and doing exciting things. Overall after every episode I feel inspired with new ideas and also importantly, creative ways to implement them in my own life.” Greg, USA
“Amazing podcast series! The episodes are so deep and resonate with my own life and experiences. I really appreciate that depth and width of both guests and the topics covered. The conversations feel natural and have a lovely real flow and unfolding to them; which is so rare in the age of scripted sound bites. I am so pleased that the podcasts cover and give space and time to so many of the compelling and relevant issues around in the world, also in a sensitive, grounded and intelligent way. The series is a breath of ‘real authentic’ air on issues that are important. Thank you, great to see the all female team.” Kato, New Zealand
“My go to podcast. There is no doubt that we are living in challenging times and sometimes it is hard to find hope and beauty as we look to the future. As a parent of two young children, who is professionally and personally committed to creating a better future, this podcast offers me wisdom, truth, spirituality and companionship. I absolutely love Amisha’s varied and fascinating choice of guests, who she interviews with a depth and care that is truly unique in the podcast world. For me, this podcast is like a dear friend, who instinctively knows when to call when I am feeling down. Somehow the conversations each week are just what I need, just when I need them the most. Thank you to all the amazingly talented team who work tirelessly to bring us this gift each week and thank you to all the guests who have shared their insight and perspective on creating a beautiful future.” Becky, UK


Hosted at – Embercombe 

Embercombe is a beautiful 50 acre rewilding estate on the edge of Dartmoor. It is a place to find a deep connection with nature – wild nature around us and wild nature within us.

It is a place to breathe, to reconsider, to regenerate and to relearn. It is a place to find the gifts that we have to offer right now in the beauty and peace of Nature.

Embercombe is a place to reconnect to your authentic self on sacred land.

The land is a mix of nature scapes to reconnect with, from mature oak woodlands that are over 150yrs old, meadows and pastures for our family of sheep we have on the land, to various fruit orchards and gardens to explore, as well as our sacred stone circle and sacred well to seek counsel from. It is a place for nature connection, self development, inspiration and engaging in nature. Embercombe has also always been important for wildlife and is all intended to increase biodiversity, restore habitats, and act as a hub in the wider landscape to help you connect to yourself, nature, and community.

The Children’s Fire is the heart song of Embercombe – a song of love, to life. It is a commitment to the responsibility carried by each successive generation to safeguard the vitality and regenerative capacity of the earth. It is a mind-set, culture, philosophy and design principle. It can and must be observable within politics, religion, art, business, education, health services, economics and our daily lives. It is the foundation of all we do at Embercombe and is our founding principle. The story of the Children’s Fire is a teaching of the elders of ancient America, passed onto our Founder Mac Macartney by his indigenous mentors on a moonlit night in the winter of 1984 and is a central principle of all of Embercombe’s work in this world. The elders came to understand that human institutions needed to reflect the balance and wisdom they observed in nature. They made a pledge to the welfare of unborn children, both human and non-human:

“No law, no decision, no action of any kind shall be taken that will harm the children, now or ever.”


Another founding principle is “The twin trail of inner growth and outer action.”

We invite all who visit us to participate generously and appreciate the inner journey as much as the outer. It invites us to join the Twin Trail of inner growth and outer action in the world.